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Scenery Sketches Wilderness Pee Kit

Scenery Sketches Wilderness Pee Kit


This Wilderness Pee Kit is intended for any woman who finds herself needing to pee in an outdoor space, whether it be backpacking, camping, fishing, biking, hiking, hunting, canyoneering, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, long road trips through countrysides (pull over first!)…you get the idea.

This idea was born from wanting to make peeing outside an easy task while also following the Principles of Leave No Trace (this includes not leaving TP behind).

The kit comes with the following items:

- artist designed Kula Cloth


-artist designed Toiletry Bag

-Hand Sanitizer

What is a Kula Cloth?

A Kula Cloth® is the first of its kind - an intentionally (and obsessively) designed reusable antimicrobial pee cloth!

In a wilderness setting it's very important to have good hygiene. Traditionally, we either pack in excess amounts of toilet paper and/or employ the 'shaking off' method (aka 'drip dry'). Neither of these are good options. A pee cloth is a way that we can stay comfortable AND have a positive impact on the environment at the same time.

A pee cloth is a ‘leave no trace’ toilet paper option for peeing. Simply pee, and use your Kula Cloth to pat dry - no TP left behind! It snaps shut so that the “wipe” side doesn’t come in contact with anything else.

What is a pStyle?

The pStyle is a funnel that allows women to stand while they pee. It is not necessary to walk a long distance away from the trail or even to drop your shorts while using this device. There is a lot less risk for exposure, especially if you’re in a setting where it is difficult to get away from others.

The toiletry bag can clip to your backpack with a carabiner for quick access. Other items you may want to add to this kit would be a trowel for digging a cat hole, feminine hygiene products, or a backpacking bidet such as those from CuloClean.

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