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About Me

I view myself as an accidental artist, because this creative journey was somewhat unintentional. I majored in Education and Statistics, and after teaching for several years I decided I needed a creative outlet. I started with simple sketches then experimented with other mediums until I finally discovered my infinity and love for watercolor. The way the colors flow, bleed, and layer hold my focus for hours at a time. I also love the sharp detail of ink. The contrast of fluid color and precise linework are a large part of my unique style. I continue to learn new techniques and experiment with different materials in an effort to perfect my process.


When I’m not teaching or creating I spend a lot of time outside. It’s what I truly enjoy and it leaves me feeling recharged. I strengthen my body and soul by hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, road biking, mountain biking, running, playing soccer, Nordic skiing, and snowboarding.


I intended this to be an entirely personal artistic journey, but ended up selling some of my pieces after receiving several requests. Inspired by my original creations I later received requests for commissions and collaborations. I’ve enjoyed sharing my creative process with others, and I look forward to sharing it with you as well.


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