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Endura Kula Cloth

Endura Kula Cloth


What is a Kula Cloth?

A Kula Cloth® is the first of its kind - an intentionally (and obsessively) designed reusable antimicrobial pee cloth!

In a wilderness setting it's very important to have good hygiene. Traditionally, we either pack in excess amounts of toilet paper and/or employ the 'shaking off' method (aka 'drip dry'). Neither of these are good options. A pee cloth is a way that we can stay comfortable AND have a positive impact on the environment at the same time. It is silver infused, can easily clip to your backpack, and has some reflective thread so you can find it in the dark with a headlamp.

A pee cloth is a ‘leave no trace’ toilet paper option for peeing. Simply pee, and use your Kula Cloth to pat dry - no TP left behind! It snaps shut so that the “wipe” side doesn’t come in contact with anything else. It is only intended for urinary purposes.

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